The road to effective processes leads through successful implementation

With all clients, our goal is the same. To provide a solution using our system to make work with data more efficient and thus save money. Thanks to our long-term experience, we have defined an internal process which enables us to become a long-term partner that clients can rely on.

Each company system is a bit different. Therefore, at the beginning, the implementation requires enough time of the client so that we can set up mutual expectations, get accurate information about the existing processes, and thus be able to guide all users through our system that will save them much time and trouble.

Getting acquainted and expectations

Traditionally, we start with a meeting at your place attended by our colleague. The goal is simple. To find out your needs and introduce our possible solutions. In particular, we need to know what Medor will be used for, how many users will be working with it, or what the final outputs will be.

We will share all the information and try to find solutions best suited for meeting the goals. We will get back to you and introduce the solution. More of us will get involved and we also need to meet a representative of your production department, with whom we will discuss the technical aspects of the cooperation. The more in detail we get at the beginning, the more efficient the process and time options of launching the Medor system will be.

This enables us to go deeper. We will address your technical possibilities based on which we describe how individual expectations will be met. As soon as we agree, we will submit a time schedule for the implementation, which will be supplemented by the list of modules and functions that will result from the implementation. We won’t forget about data either. It’s very important for us. It is up to you whether you start using Medor from scratch or if you want us to implement the data you have in other systems into the system before it is launched. The solution must always be what’s best for you.

Data in practice

We know everything that is essential in order to prepare an implementation template and send it to you in the Excel format. In order to meet your expectations, we need you to enter data into the template, which we will work with. Of course, we sign a contract at the very beginning so that you can be sure your data will be safe with use and we will not disclose it. For us, however, trust is the basis of long-term successful cooperation.

As soon as we have the data available, our data experts will prepare an input analysis, based on which we will handle any uncertainties or errors. Then we implement the information in Medor, which we will introduce to you at the meeting.

At the third meeting, we get to the practical demonstration, where we present the current condition of the system to your production department, using your particular data, not anonymised data. You thus immediately get a very good idea of how you can use Medor. Then we discuss only the details that must be set up so that you can use the system to its maximum.

A working Medor solution

If we agreed at the beginning that more extensive modification of the system would be required based on data after the practical demonstration, we will now be polishing that up. Otherwise we will be getting it ready for full launching. Before that, we prepare the training for all users to avoid any problem on D-Day and to make work with Medor as natural as possible.

After the commissioning, our work and contact with you does not come to an end. Our technical support is still available to you so that we ensure an as efficient operation of the system as possible and can handle its further development to your full satisfaction.

In this way, we have helped tens of pharmaceutical and FMCG companies set up effective processes, and we will be pleased to look at yours too.

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