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Medor ISTS

Medor ISTS is solution for clients, who deal with Facility management. It contains selected modules, thanks to those is possible to record effectively all failures, service interventions and regular maintenance with possibility to manage financial, material and also human resources. The system also contains the building management functions, tracking of service intervention and disturbance, technology management and devices including their documentation. Let’s not forget a large range of individual outputs (e.g. form of contingent tabs) and other possible solution.

Základní funkce systému

This is a list of individual managed objects and all technical and economic information about them.

Creates one of the most important parts of the system. It is records of all technologies and devices, used in managed buildings. If you upload in the system technical documentation, delivery notes and other documents, which are necessary for daily work, you would have them available anytime and easily trackable. Events in the system (revision of the system, disorder and maintenance) can be combine with technology and devices, so you can have available overview of all information about devices/technologies including the actions taken on it.

Records all the events, that are being exchanged during the process. The head of shift enters and modifies all information about repairs, service intervention and revisions. Monitoring their progresses and assigning the priorities is a certain thing. If there is not a way to finish all tasks by techniques until the end of the shift, these tasks are automatically assign to upcoming shift. Operating diary is in addition connected with technologies and devices of selected center, therefore the user has available all protocols, certificates and maintenance records, notice of expiration dates reviews, etc.

It clearly collects all documents assigned to each individual technologies and devices. This module also serves to mass imports and organization in the same time.

Module, in which the administrator defines pre-planned events. Module contains all planned events (maintenance, control checks, training) and periods, after which they will be generated to operating diary. Within the setting plans has the system administrator availability to create various files of planned events (Checklists) for various centers of administration, where is also possibility to create the list of tasks and set up their repetition.

Another bookmark of operation diary, calendar display, shows each events and revisions carried out in selected days and allows additional administration and filtering.

Separate module which expands the system for simple warehouse management allows basic function of income, outcome and information about available sources.

This module adjusts the approval process between the administration of building and its owner. In practice the administrator provides an offer covering any investment to the object and the owner can either approve, deny or comment. Module creates dispatch note also for additional updates of certain offer until the finalized statement and approval (or denial).

Basic version of the system can be also expanded by the additional functions (modules) according individual needs of the client. As the example can be indicated module of Economic pointer. All modules and functions can be tailored and updated according clients wish.

Module is determined to enter disorders from external users of the system (e.g. tenant, porter or security).Same like the operating diary the helpdesk allows to keep history records of disorders in each device and user can see the progress of the requirement.


Security of Medor ISTS

Client security is solved by using a modern SSL certificates, which do not allow wiretapping of communication by a strange person. Data are secured by user authentication, strong password and the system of basic rights of access. All data are stored in secure server in datacenter and backed up periodically. Building has 5 security perimeters against physical intrusion, the access is secured by CCTV and PIN cards. Data centrum is resistant’s to overturning up to 2 tracks at the same time.

Price of Medor ISTS

Why is not the price also provided? Because we don’t sell the CD, which can be inserted and installed in your laptop, but we offer modular system, which allows to compile functionality according client needs and in the same time we try to meet the individual client expectations and requirements. Price is developed based on complexity of implementation.

Medor ISTS in numbers

  • 14

    years of experiences with SW development

  • 34

    managed buildings and complexes 365

  • 365

    online days

  • 1.034.571

    meters square under system administration


Who uses Medor ISTS?

Selection of some our very important clients who rely on us:


We are partners for your business

  • Ing. Pavla Kotrášová

    Ing. Pavla Kotrášová

    Accounting Manager Medopharm, s.r.o.

    The cooperation with company Austro-Bohemia lasts more than 14 years and I am absolutely excited out of their work. Their professional and in particular human and individual approach is invaluable. From a position of the financial manager I appreciate prompt and almost immediate reaction to any problem and the effort to solve it all with maximal satisfaction of customer. I can rely on all of their reports. I really recommend the cooperation with Austro-Bohemia to all!

  • Mgr. Zbyněk Pronteker

    Business Unit Manager +pharma Česká republika s.r.o.

    Se společností Austro‑Bohemia jsme velmi spokojeni, její služby využíváme od začátku našeho působení na českém trhu. Pro potřeby řízení našich vztahů se zákazníky využíváme systém Medor CRM, který je intuitivní a rychle zvládnutelný již po krátkém odborném zaškolení. Systém nám taktéž poskytuje všechny potřebné reporty a klíčové ukazatele pro řízení našich aktivit. I am very satisfied with company Austro-Bohemia,we are using their services from the begging of our operation on a Czech market. For the purpose of managing our relationship with our customers we use system Medor CRM, which is very intuitive and user friendly right after brief training. System also brings us all necessary reports and key pointers to manage our activities.

  • Mgr. Kateřina Slabá

    Product Manager TECOM ANALYTICAL SYSTEMS CS, spol. s r.o.

    S firmou Austro‑Bohemia spolupracujeme více než 10 let. IT podpora poskytovaná firmou Austro‑Bohemia naší firmě je vynikající a profesionální přístup je od začátku naší mnohaleté spolupráce samozřejmostí. Oceňuji i výbornou komunikaci a schopnost pružně reagovat na všechny naše požadavky. Austro‑Bohemia se rovná serióznost a profesionalita.

  • Ing. Josef Maléř

    Ing. Josef Maléř

    Business Unit Manager Exeltis CZECH, s.r.o.

    Společnost Austro‑Bohemia poskytuje naší firmě CRM systém Medor více než 3 roky. Na spolupráci nejvíce oceňuji schopnost připravit Medor CRM dle našich potřeb a požadavků. Vážím si také neustálé snahy Medor vylepšovat a jejich dalšího servisu spojeného nejenom s podporou systému, ale i se správou IT.


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