In 48 hours, we reduced annual company costs by more than CZK 300,000

Automation and efficiency are communicating vessels for us. We could prove that in practice to our partner from the pharmaceutical industry. After the initial analysis, we set up automated reporting which not only saved time and costs, but also eliminated errors.

In the beginning, there were three people who sat down every Monday to spend the whole day preparing a report. A relic from the past that took 24 hours a week. In total, it was 1,248 hours a year. Given the Czech average salary (CZK 34,125), the company’s expense was CZK 45,700 a month, i.e. CZK 339,486 a year. In addition, the three employees’ work capacity could be used much more efficiently.

During the initial analysis, we found that the client worked with twelve different sources to prepare the final report in Excel for their international headquarters. The company’s technical background and the absence of BI tools didn’t offer other options. In cooperation with the current report authors and data providers, we designed a solution for the client, assuming all tasks related to the generation of outputs for the desired report through our automated data processing system.

The whole analysis process consists of several partial steps:

  • identification of the output report + the client’s idea of the ideal processing output 
  • identification of source data
  • coordination of the sent format and interval of source data with providers
  • calculation of an estimate to automate the processing process

After agreeing on the following procedure with our new partner, we started automatically drawing source data from the pre-agreed sources and then set the data transformation to meet the required unified format. That made it possible to automate completion of reports without the need for any further intervention by the client.

Based on process automation, the client can:

  • receive source data from providers
  • check the consistency of data sources
  • clean data from provider errors
  • perform data consolidation
  • import data to the production server
  • issue output
  • be connected to an ONLINE report with current data being processed

The whole process, from the initial analysis to the final report, which will now be completed regularly, only took us 48 hours (6 MD). By successfully cooperating on the project, we established a confidential relationship with the client, which moved us to closer cooperation on other activities to streamline company processes.

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